Here at Cali plus vape Supply, we’ve gained quite the attention of consumers for our extraordinary collection of products. These products are carefully sourced, they’re 100% authentic, and the collection consists of the industry’s latest and greatest e-liquid, hardware, and accessories. We’re not afraid to toot our own horn, which is why we’re thrilled to tell you about the Cali plus Supply Wholesale Program, which is just as impressive. Retail shops love us, and they love our wholesale prices even more. If you sell or are interested in selling vapor products, whether that be from a vapor shop, smoke shop, convenience store or even a kiosk, we invite you to learn more about our remarkable wholesale program and join it to become our newest wholesale member!


With a variety of wholesale program’s available, why should you join the Cali plus Vape Supply Wholesale Program? There are several reasons why we’ve become the industry’s most recognized wholesaler since 2013. For six years we’ve been serving our beloved country’s retail shops with a vast selection of products, ranging from an entry level vape pen to the most technologically advanced mod, and everything in between. We’ve gained extraordinary attention from publications around the web and rave reviews that has driven our brand to success. Joining our wholesale program allows you to achieve the same success, it places you on the same playing field as your competitors and ultimately results in you turning a hefty profit so that your business is vibrant and your doors remain open to the public.


Becoming a wholesale member at cali plus Vape Supply places your business on a whole different landscape than your competitors, giving you access to a wide range of products that will be the perfect fit for your store. You’ll have access to the industry’s hottest brands, the most innovative vape juice pricing, and a superstore that’s catered to only approved wholesale members. From a vast selection of products to the industry’s best wholesale pricing to low shipping costs to speedy shipping times, we have a complex wholesale program that was designed to propel your business.

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